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From our customers to our carrier partners to our own internal team members, we love to see everyone win and to celebrate our collective success. It is our belief that positive culture, like a ripple effect, produces positive outcomes. We embrace the challenge of improving the series of steps required to get a product or service to the customer. Although we don’t dictate all these steps within the supply chain, the component that we specialize in is a crucial one.

Transportation is more than just a singular line-item expense, which is substantial in and of itself; the indirect costs that are affected by transportation are immense. These costs should be examined and considered holistically. Virtually all major expense line items can be reduced through clean and efficient transportation such as: insurance costs and risk mitigation, cost of purchased goods, inventory costs, customer ill will as it relates to stock outs, opportunity costs, rent and utilities, overhead etc. We take pride in driving efficiencies through this holistic view and improving our customers’ supply chains and the people that work within them. After all, this has always been and still is a people business and we cherish the ability to see the human spirit work in unison.

The nature of our industry gives us the opportunity to connect people from many different backgrounds and professions, across borders and state lines, all working together towards achieving a common goal- with excellence. The diversity of our network and our high performing team’s skills and talents allows us to serve a wide array of clients with customized solutions that can mold around varying needs. At Great Choice, we embrace open and transparent collaboration to achieve the best quality of service possible. We’re always in pursuit to find opportunities that increase our value add. Our team embraces challenges and the work it takes to solve it.

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